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            Nick Davey began his musical pursuits in Derbyshire, England, in the 1970s, playing guitar with a cheeky little prog-rock outfit called Quince. (One album - "They Don't grow on Trees") In the 1980s, he took up vocals, guitar and harmonica duties with a London group called the Catford Dogs, and released one solo album (on cassette) called Folie Fantastique, before spending nine years in Poland teaching English and developing his richly crafted brand of classic acoustic pop/rock through solo pub and tavern performances similar to the ones he's become so well-known for here in the Springs

        Nick's delivery and clever observations could easily be likened to those of a proverbial Billy Bragg / Neil Young love child, and has been gigging locally since 2006. He released his first solo disc, a delightfully well-produced cache of "happiness and heartache" by the name of Knockout in 2011. (says Adam Leech, writing for the Colorado Springs Independent)

       During his time in Colorado Springs, Nick has often been found playing unique interpretations of popular tunes along the Front Range with fellow singer-songwriter Jeremy Facknitz as "Cool for Cats"

        In 2015, Nick's second solo CD "As Good As it Gets" was released: memorable songs in richly diverse styles. (samples can be found on these pages)


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