About Nick Davey


    Nick is an Englishman who's been in the USA since 2007. He started playing acoustic & progressive rock guitar with Quince in the UK in the 70's ; then guitar/vocals/harmonica with The Catford Dogs out of London in the 80's. Released his first album as Nick Davey in 1983,  'Folie Fantastique' - only available on cassette!

   Nick moved to Poland in '96, spending 9 years teaching and playing solo guitar/vocal/harp. Played 2 local tours as 20 Twisted Years with Warren Greveson, ex of Quince. They made one album together in 2003 called 20/20 Vision.

    After a year in Africa, Nick moved to Colorado Springs, playing both solo and with Jeremy Facknitz as Cool for Cats. 

    Nick's 2010 album, Knockout, showcases Nick's various instrumental talents, as he performs songs both upbeat & downbeat, always catchy, sometimes quirky, and acutely observant of the happiness & heartache of a lifetime.

What's going on now

      Nick  plays regularly around the Colorado Front Range area, and his frequent gigs now include songs from the new CD  "As Good As It Gets", released in 2014. The 11 songs featured present Nick's usual variety of styles with great tunes & moods, and a cool, clean sound. Songs range from raw & raunchy to soft & harmonic with classical and gypsy jazz styles in the mix. Nick even features a new lap steel guitar, giving some tunes that authentic country twang! 2 of the songs are inspired by his daughter Hana, adopted by Nick and his wife Lisa from Ethiopia in 2012.



See Nick on an episode of The Colorado Springs Gazette's "Take 10" show recorded in January 2018:- 


    Nick continues his 10 year partnership with Jeremy Facknitz as Cool for Cats, playing shows along the Front Range. They continue to add new instruments and new tunes to their eclectic set of songs old and new - R&B, Brit pop/rock, Country, Blues; you name it, they'll probably play it - but not like you ever heard before!​